Pendants Everywhere: A Versatile Lighting Solution-Part (1)

Pendant Light Lamps | Lighting Lamps

Pendants are light fixtures that are mounted to the ceiling, suspended by a string or rod, and a perfect substitute for those giant chandeliers. They act as spotlights and have features of versatility as they come in various shapes and sizes, making them suitable for all types of lighting purposes. You can use them just about anywhere but choosing the correct one for the right place is important. Read on to know about it.

Pendants For Outdoor Spaces:

The first and foremost impression that justifies a place is its entrance or space outside. As interior designers today are looking for lights that are modern, chic, and easy to install, pendants could play a vital role here and be an ideal lighting solution. Let’s see where you could place them.

Residential spaces:

People love to have an area in their home that is open and where they could spend quality time with their family. Building a Grill area, backyard kitchen or dining area is very popular among architects and designers. Places like this need to have proper lighting for both performing tasks and to make them look beautiful.

You could place a framed pendant from our collection like the 3 Cylindrical Glass Pendant or Antiquarian Pendant over the Grill station or dining area and lounge. Light with a single bulb-like Pendulum Wooden Pendant is perfect for the front area entrance.

Commercial purpose:

Rentaunteers, Hoteliers, and even business owners nowadays, are considering the outdoors of their spaces. Because of this installation pendants have become very popular among designers and architects. They make it easy to perform tasks and even beautify the place by making it look elegant and modern. For example, a pendant over the outdoor dining table in a restaurant will surely lit up the place, or when hanging outside in the entryway of a hotel or office will be like a statement showpiece.

Pendants could also be used in interior places and we are going to cover this in our next blog. Stay tuned to get insights on this.


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