What Type of Lights Could Be Used For Layering?

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The layering of lights is very popular among designers and architects. It basically means a combination of different types of lights in a space that adds depth and dimension, creates an instant ambiance, and highlights particular elements. In order to get a perfect look, you just need to know a few basics of light layering and most importantly what type of lighting solutions you could use. Let’s have a look.

Firstly set up the canvas i.e. general lights:

General or ambient lights are like the foundation of setting up lights in a space. These types of lights are usually mounted to the ceiling and provide basic vision or way to keep track of things. For this type of lighting, you could use downlights fixtures that are installed with uniform spaces, or sometimes pendants could also be placed to help create a perfect atmosphere.

Pendants and chandeliers to perform tasks:

The next that comes in is Task lighting. This layer of light is required to perform routine work. This is why these lights are placed at specific places like over the cabinets or kitchen island, over the dinner table in restaurants, around makeup or bathroom mirrors, any area where a certain task is being carried out.

If you are looking for a perfect task lighting solution for your next build-up project, then you can shop for modern lights like Antique Iron Glass Pendant, Ornate Pendant, Modern Circle Chandelier, and many more from our collection.

Highlight your favorite things:

In order to bring attention to your favorite things, accent lighting is required. This is about casting glow and highlighting elements that complement the entire space.

Its light could be a sconce on the wall or pendant over the bar counter, which makes space look more bright and provides an artistic touch.

Now that you are familiar with the type of lights required for layering, get in touch with Destiny Creations, who are leading manufacturers and suppliers of wooden handicraft items and lighting solutions.

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