Restaurant Lighting Ideas: Inspiration For Designers and Restaurateurs

Restaurant Lighting Ideas

The aim of any well-designed restaurant is to provide a welcoming environment to its customers. Proper lighting plays a vital role in the restaurant’s ambiance as it sets the mood of your customer’s entire meal experience.

But how do you know what kind of lighting solution is best for your restaurant business? And if you are an interior designer working with restaurateurs, here are some lighting ideas to help you with.

Some main kinds of restaurant lighting:

Each type of lighting serves a different purpose and has a unique piece according to the space. Let us see each type and their functions.

Ambient or General Lighting:

This is the general illumination of any given area. It can be a natural one or in the form of some electric fixture, for say chandeliers or even table lamps. Low ambient lighting has the quality of creating an upscale, intimate and soothing atmosphere whereas bright lighting produces a more lively mood.

Task Lighting:

These lights allow people in a restaurant to perform tasks like customers reading the menu, in the kitchen area, or at the billing counter. Task lighting is the most versatile of all as many kinds of lighting solutions can be used depending upon what task you are using it for. Here you can use pendant lights upon the tables or wall sconces and chandeliers in the walking aisle section.

Accent Lighting: It is generally used for decorative purposes. With accent lighting, you can add drama to some specific areas in your restaurant like behind the bar, paintings, fountains, lounge, etc. It will definitely draw customer’s attention and strike interest.

Now that you have some idea about the main types of restaurant lighting. Get more insight on the same by exploring our complete Blog


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